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Giselle Stouns

International Award-Winning Pianist

2022 - The Pianist of the Year

2022 - The Best Pianist

2022 - The Emirates Music Influencer

2021 - The Best Musician

2021 - Pianist for Cartier Event

2021 - Live Broadcast Performer for MBC 1 Chanel

Grand Piano

Short Bio

Wedding & Event Pianist

Giselle Stouns is an International pianist with a huge range of repertoire. She has a big experience of playing VIP Events and different Projects.
She was hired as a pianist for the Luxury brand Cartier in 2021, where her performance took place at the Top of the Burj al Arab on a Helipad.

Music is her Passion, that made her involved into many International Piano Competitions, Master classes and Projects.
Giselle is graduated from Moscow Conservatory. 
She is award-winner in International Piano Competition in France.


She started learning piano at age of 5. Giselle has gotten a big influence from her grandmother, that was an opera Singer.
She spent a lot of time with her and the childhood was full-filled with an Art and creative ambience.

Right now Giselle found herself living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
She plays at the most beautiful lounges, such as Burj Al Arab; Al Samar Lounge, Madinat Jumeirah; Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa etc.
She also plays Weddings and Events. And in her free time she gives piano lessons.

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